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GSoC Weekly Blog

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GSoC Weekly Check-In (Week 2)

June 14, 2021

What Did I do last week?

My aim for last week was to complete benchmarking of the remaining 2 of the plugin systems:

  1. Yaegi go-interpreter
  2. Goloader

So the last week involved a lot of research into the above mentioned plugin systems. Last week was full of ups and downs as there isn’t much documentation around the mentioned frameworks, I had to look into various codebases and examples from github to understand the workings of the frameworks. But due to an roadblock, as mentioned here in goloader, I decided that goloader was not feasible for our use-case and decided to omit the framework for the time being.

All in all, this week involved benchmarking and evaluating Traefik’s yaegi go-interpreter. As per the benchmark data, Yaegi’s performance overhead is the least among all the plugin systems outside of go-native plugin.

For the purpose of benchmarking, I used the existing JSON plugin from the Reva codebase. As far as the performance is concerned, I’ve ranked the plugins in the order of performance (Fastest to slowest):

  1. Native Go plugin
  2. Yaegi
  3. Pie plugin
  4. Hashicorp go-plugin RPC
  5. Hashicorp go-plugin gRPC

Overall, I’d say that last week was a bit bumpy with all the bugs and lack of documentation for the plugin system. But with the help of my mentors, I was able to complete my tasks!

Link to repo: Reva-Plugin-Benchmark

Link to Yaegi repo: Reva-Yaegi-Benchmark

What will I do next week?

The plan for next is to finalize the plugin system to be used for reva plugins and discuss and design the plugin system architecture. I’m looking forward it! :)

Any hiccups?

There was an issue with interpreting Reva json plugin with yaegi due to an indirect dependency on protobufs. Yaegi as of yet, does not support interpreting protobufs. link. This can create major problems going forwarda as most of the reva plugins have dependency on protobufs. For this reason, in order to evaluate yaegi, I had to manually define the structs.

Apart from that, there weren’t any other issues this week.

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