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GSoC Weekly Blog

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GSoC Weekly Check-In (Week 3)

June 21, 2021

What Did I do last week?

The last week was more about discussions, design, presentations and evaluation rather than coding. After completing the benchmarking of various golang plugin systems, it was time to finalize a plugin system. Before finalizing the plugin system, I had a task to prepare a presentation indicating all the trade-offs of the various plugin systems. Along with that, I also had to give in my take for the plugin system that would fit our use case. After a healthy discussions with the mentors, a decision was made to move forward with the hashicorp go-plugin system. Hashicorp go-plugin serves plugin over rpc/gRPC. What protocol to use (rpc or grpc) is yet to be decided.

In order to facilitate the discussions, I’ve opened up a github issue in the reva repository. This is further help in paving way for building the plugin architecture.

What will I do next week?

The plan for next week is to continue the discussions and design of the runtime-plugins.

Any hiccups?

There weren’t any issues or roadblocks last week. I hope every week goes by as smoothly as this one! :)

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