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GSoC Weekly Blog

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GSoC Weekly Check-In (Week 1)

June 07, 2021

What Did I do last week?

The coding phase of GSoC’21 finally began last week. My aim for last week was to complete benchmarking atleast 3 golang plugin systems, which I was able to accomplish. Last week I finished benchmarking the following golang plugin systems:

  1. Hashicorp go-plugin over RPC and gRPC
  2. Pie Plugin
  3. Native go plugin

For the purpose of benchmarking, I used the existing JSON plugin from the Reva codebase. As far as the performance is concerned, I’ve ranked the above mentioned plugins in the order of performance (Fastest to slowest):

  1. Native Go plugin
  2. Pie Plugin
  3. Hashicorp go-plugin RPC
  4. Hashicorp go-plugin gRPC

Overall, I’d say it was fun working on benchmarking the plugins and it went on smoothly. There weren’t any roadblocks/bugs as such.

Link to repo: Reva-Plugin-Benchmark

What will I do next week?

The plan for next week is to continue go plugin system benchmarking. Next week, I plan to benchmark following go plugin systems:

  1. Goloader
  2. Traefik Yaegi

Any hiccups?

Other than minor bugs, there weren’t any major roadblocks. It went by smoothly! :)

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