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GSoC Weekly Blog

GSoC Bonding Period.

Community Bonding Period

May 17, 2021

Hey there, I’m Jimil Desai! I am a senior at School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Ahmedabad University. This summer, I’ll be contributing to the Reva project during GSoC’21 (under CERN-HSF). I’ll be essentially working on adding runtime plugins to the Reva Codebase. At the end of the project, plugins could be added to Reva at runtime by pointing to a source of Go module.

What did I do this week?

I spent most of the time of Community Bonding Period getting familiar with the Reva project and the CERNBOX community. This invovled setting up of development environment locally and reading relevent documentation. I also set up the GitHub project to keep track of my project with relevent milestones. I did a deep dive into the Reva codebase learning more about the exisiting plugins and planning about how to move them out as external plugins that can be loaded at runtime. I spent the second half of the community bonding period doing some basic research on various open source go plugin systems. This was done to get a gist of how each plugin system works and how plausible each system is.

Following plugin systems were considered:

  1. Hashicorp go-plugin
  2. Traefik Yaegi Go-interpreter
  3. Pie Plugin
  4. Native Go Plugin package
  5. Goloader

What is coming up next week?

I would be working on Benchmarking the Hashicorp, Pie and native Go plugin system.

Any issues faced during this Period?

No! This week went by smoothly

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